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Would YOU let a mouse, ink ya?

Posted on by kman

How about a “dead” one?  Read more below…

Kat Von D may be erasing a tattoo of one famous ex from her body — but yesterday, she let her new boyfriend add a new one!

Though her new beau, DJ Deadmau5, has never used a tattoo needle before in his life, Kat sat patiently while he gave her some brand new ink.

So … what did she have done?

“Who better to do my “12-12-12″ tattoo than THIS GUY?! @deadmau5,” the reality star tweeted before her man went to work.
Not exactly the face of courage, is it?

“Having done a tattoo for the 1st time, @deadmau5 now has an all new respect for tattooing (and how much actual hard work goes into it.) ;) ,” she tweeted afterwards.

“My new tattoo may look like a drunken third-grader did it, but I sure do LOVE it!! Thank you, Joel,” she added … referring to her man by his real name, Joel Zimmerman.


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