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What celebrity would render you speechless?

Posted on by sandra


Oprah is coming to town this week!!!  The excitement is definitely building.  You may have heard Carter and I talking about his last week on the air.  I said if I got a chance to meet Oprah I would probably freeze and turn into a babbling idiot.  It rarely happens in our business because we are lucky enough to meet a lot of very cool and interesting people…and there is a point where you don’t get starstruck anymore.   But Oprah????!!!!!  Shut the front door!  (oh and I won’t lie, I got a little giddy around Justin Bieber…..oh, and Tommy Lee….oh ya, and a little stupid around John Cusack, but that’s it, I swear).

I figure 2 things would happen to most people.  They would either totally shutdown or go the other way.  Maybe start talking to her like she’s a girlfriend, because let’s face it, she is someone most of us grew up with.

The big question is:  who would render you totally speechless?    Would love to hear this.  :)

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