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#BACKTOSCHOOL: Choosing the perfect back to school lunch bag

Posted on by amanda.kingsland



In the blink of an eye, kids will be heading back to school again! If you’re a parent, you face the daunting task of back-to-school shopping that includes choosing a lunch bag for a litterless lunch!

Here’s a buying guide to help you find the bag you’ll love and your kids will actually use!


1. Size isn’t everything, but it’s definitely something! Choose a lunch box or lunch bag that is big enough to accommodate sandwiches and snacks as well as a thermos, ice packs, cutlery and a napkin – yet small enough to fit in a backpack.

A pack mule in northern africa

Too big.


2. Don’t forget that the walk to school is uphill, both ways: Opt for something that is convenient for your child to carry – not too heavy!

weightlifting young boy

Plan B.


3. Remember – you are lame. Your kids are cool: Get something that will appeal to a kid! Think bright colours or fun designs for elementary school children and darker, more mature colours for teens.

Obama Harry Potter sonic the Hedgehog Backpack

If you see nothing wrong with this, then just let your kids choose their own lunch bag.
Source: Failblog




4. If you can’t open it, nobody can open it: Both the lunch box/lunch bag as well as the containers that go in them need to be easy to open for small hands.

Can Opener




5. Homework + liquids + backpack = trouble: Food and beverage containers need to seal very tightly to ensure that no messy food or drink leaks into the lunch bag… or worse, over homework!

Soup Container

Genius Solution: a proper container!
Fuel Soup on the go container



6. Don’t worry, be happy (and healthy): Buy healthy materials the first time and don’t worry about it later. For the sandwich, salad and snack containers, look for materials like bisphenol-A-free, phthalate-free plastic, 18-gauge stainless steel or reusable cotton sandwich bags.

Poison symbol

Technically, this IS a smiley face.



7. Accept that this all happens again tomorrowMake sure your child’s containers are easy to clean. Look for containers that are marked dishwasher safe, or if you’re using material sandwich bags look for machine washable options.


So, you might as well use that dishwasher after all.


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