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North Korea sees Seth Rogan movie as an “act of aggresion”.

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The North Korean government are not pleased with Hollywood at all. As a matter of fact, they see the new James Franco and Seth Rogen film, The Interview, as an act of aggression from the U.S. of A.

The movie,  which features a TV host and his producer who are sent to North Korea to kill the leader, has really gotten some North Korean panties in a bunch.  A foreign ministry spokesman released a statement condemning the movie on North Korea’s news agency: “The act of making and screening such a movie that portrays an attack on our top leadership…is a most wanton act of terror and act of war, and is absolutely intolerable.”

This just makes me want to go see it more!

Remember when North Korea was also the butt of  jokes in the 2004 movie Team America: World Police. They didn’t like that either.


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