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10 Reasons You’ll Love Shopping @Signatures

Posted on by amanda.kingsland

signatures-210x155Do you like to shop? Do you seek out the unique? Do you celebrate originality? Do you support Canadian handmade over offshore mass-production? If this is you, then The Signatures Show is just for you!


1. Find one-of-a-kind items:

180 Canadian artists, artisans and designers, gathered from across the country, converge on the Ottawa Convention Centre… and they’ve brought all their best stuff! Stuff you won’t find at at the mall – stuff you won’t find ANYWHERE else.

Women Shopping



2. Never-again-repeated shopping experience.

Each vendor must pass a strict jury process, where they are selected on the originality of their work and the style of their booth design. Only the best are invited to join Signatures.


All vendors must pass this test!


3. High-end fashion

Some of Canada’s top fashion designers will be in the house – with original, one-of-a-kinds on hand for sale. From Canada’s top runways to your closet, through Signatures.

Fashion Runway

Why isn’t it called a ‘walkway’?


4. High-end food:

You’ll find the best gourmet treats in the city at Signatures – all custom confections!

Bill Cosby

You’ll be like Cliff Huxtable on a Sandwich.


5. Original Art!

Sculptures, paintings, timepieces, photography, jewellery… you’re going to find some show-stealers @Signatures.


You might need to rope off some spots in your living room…



6. A night on the town

You’re already downtown… why not grab a cocktail and make a night-out of it? Where else can you shop and sip at the same time?!”

Take a cab home.

Take a cab home.



7. Organic & natural skin care

You’ll find handmade organic skin products at Signatures that you won’t find elsewhere. Find your new favourites here!

Like this one.

Like this one.



8. You’ll have the most original gifts for your loved ones this year

You'll get this reaction. Source: GifSoup

You’ll get this reaction.
Source: GifSoup



9. Shop for yourself!

Treat yo self

You really should…


10. Free admission to Girls’ Night Out! You can join Sandra at our annual Girls’ Night Out by getting on the guest list through your KISS Friends With Benefits Account.

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